1. something that is false; an untrue assertion
    The belief that the world is flat is a falsity.
  2. the characteristic of being untrue
    The falsity of that statement is easily proven.

7 letters in word "falsity": A F I L S T Y.

No anagrams for falsity found in this word list.

Words found within falsity:

aft ai ail ails ais ait aits al alif alifs alist alit als alt alts as at ay ays fa fail fails fas fast fasti fastly fat fatly fats fay fays fiat fiats fil fila fils fist fisty fit fitly fits flat flats flay flays flit flits fly fy if ifs is it ita itas its la laity las last lat lati lats lay lays li lift lifts lis list lit litas lits sai sail sal salify salt salty sat sati say si sial sift sila silt silty sit slat slaty slay slit sly st stay sty styli syli ta tai tail tails tais tali tas tay tays ti til tils tis ya